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Infinity Frogs are the first NFT to bridge ETH and ICP

We want to bridge two blockchains: Ethereum and Internet Computer. Infinity Frogs are the first to make the leap. Let’s jump together into the gas-free future where each NFT can live on any blockchain! Brave holders will be rewarded in our metaverse.

Launch Date: 8th October 2021 7pm UTC

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king frog

All frogs are minted!


  • Q4'21

    ICP bridge alpha

    We start working on bridging ETH to ICP, to be able to transfer Infinity Frogs both ways. There are no gas fees on the Internet Computer, so you can transfer NFTs for free and trade them without paying unnecessary fees!

  • Q1'22

    Frog Airdrop

    Surprise airdrop to all Infinity Frogs holders. For every Infinity Frog in your wallet, you will receive a special gift. The larger your collection, the more gifts you'll get!

  • Q2'22

    Launch of the Bridge

    It's time to take a leap! We will send a special NFT gift to everyone who successfully “jumps” from ETH to the Internet Computer!

  • Q3'22

    Unveiling the metaverse

    We will show you what our metaverse will look like. This will be the place where both of our NFT series will have real use – Infinity Frogs and ICPunks! You will want to be around for that.


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